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I Am a Wife, a Mother Of Four, a Business Woman... And I almost Forgot How Important It was to Take Care of My Skin!

Our Skin is the first thing that a person notices about us but its not unusual  that we forget to take care of our skin. We blame our inadequacy to provide the nourishment our skin needs on our Busy Lifestyle, Family, Weather, and the Lack of Money to buy good skin care products e.t.c 


Prisca Odo

I am a Wife, a mother of 4 lovely children and I also run an organic skin care business. While I remained faithful to my responsibilities, I  lost a grip on My skin care routine and for this reason my skin speedily lost its rich colour and glow. On a certain day I made up my mind to fix what had gone wrong with the health of my skin and that was how my adventure into the organic skin care industry began. I HAVE NOT ONLY TRANSFORMED MY SKIN BUT I  HAVE ALSO HELPED MANY MORE PEOPLE OUT THERE TO DO THE SAME.

WAIT! Before I continue what I was saying. I have a quick question.

Have you been using over the counter chemical based skin care products that have been causing damage to your skin? 

Its okay , You can now dump it all in the bin but make sure to get my secret ORGANIC  Black Soap recipe. I have packaged it in a video course and with this alone you will be able to make your own skin nourishing black soap.


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Get Creative, Learn how to make Organic Black Soap That You Can Also Sell

What makes an Organic Soap unique?  A unique Organic soap doesn’t contain sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) as a source of lye. A good lye for your soap should be formed from plantain potash, leaves and skins from bananas & the Shea nut tree.The soap products are all-natural and organic and chemical-free which prevent skin cells from dying and provides nourishment to the skin

This is what you will learn:

  • Getting the right ingredients  and measurement to prepare the Organic Skin Glow and Repair Black Soap
  • How to properly mix ingredients and prepare the Organic Skin Glow and Repair Black Soap
  • Tools required for preparation of the Organic Skin Glow and Repair Black Soap
  • How to convert the Organic Black Soap prepared into a liquid body wash as seen in picture on page
  • Usage of the Organic Skin Glow and Repair Black Soap to get great result